CW-300 DIGI-WALKER™ Pedometer with Steps, Activity Time & Clock

The CW-300 is YAMAX's institutional grade pedometer and its answer to the broken clip concern that some have with the SW-series DIGI-WALKER pedometers; it has a metal clip. And although it uses a coiled spring, its internal sensor mechanism is different than the SW-series internal sensor mechanism. The CW-300's internal sensor mechanism employs a reed switch.

Like other DIGI-WALKER™ pedometers, the CW-300 model counts steps, has a clock and provides activity time which is not to be confused with the NL-1000 accelerometer's MVPA timer. The CW-300 is a pedometer; the NL-1000 is an accelerometer. Accelerometers contain mechanisms that can actually measure acceleration and then use sophisticated algorithms to calculate the number of minutes spent in moderate-to-vigorous physical activity. Suspended lever arm pedometers (the ones that go click-click) like the CW-300 cannot measure acceleration, and therefore group all movement time--light, moderate and vigorous--together. An important reason for choosing the CW-300 is its institutional grade and metal clip.

The CW-300 is about 2 1/4" x 1 3/4" x 7/8" and weighs about an ounce. It has a dual display. It uses a 3 volt battery (CR2032). The battery is available through NEW-LIFESTYLES.

Orders for 1 to 24 CW-300s are individually packaged with instructions.
Note for BULK ORDERS: Submitting an order for 25 or more CW-300s will automatically place you in our quote queue. Look for a quote in your email Inbox within 48 hours with discounts applied to each item in your cart. During "checkout" choose Purchase Order as your payment option. Actual payment options will be provided in the quote that we email to you. Bulk orders include 1 instruction manual, but instructions are available online at any time.

DIGI-WALKER™ CW-300 Institutional Grade Pedometer
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