LIFECORDER EX Downloadable Activity Monitor

The LIFECORDER EX (NL-2200) is an accurate and reliable activity monitor. In addition to counting steps, it calculates the calories expended, computes basal metabolic rate (BMR) and stores 200 days of data that can be extracted by health professionals responsible for modifying client/patient physical activity behavior.

Much more sophisticated than a pedometer, the LIFECORDER EX monitors the intensity and duration of a personís activity. Once data is transmitted to the LIFECORDER EX software, it is easy to spot patterns and trends in activity. Patterns of sedentary behavior become easy to target and change. In this way, the LIFECORDER EX uses technology to encourage and motivate people to get up, get out, and get active.

The LIFECORDER EX measures 2 3/4" x 1 1/2" x 3/4" and weighs less than 2 ounces. Learn much more about the LIFECORDER EX and its companion software here.

Professional Version
Physical Activity Analysis Software v1.0

Additional Features include the Database Editor, LCEX Setup Program, and CSV file export. LEARN MORE

Basic Version
Physical Activity Analysis Software v1.0 Basic

The Basic version of the software displays all of the information measured by the LIFECORDER EX, but lacks the extra features for reseachers. LEARN MORE

Activity Monitor

Computer download capability requires the Physical Activity Analysis Software Lifestyle Coach shown below. Note: One or two Lifecorder EX ship via United States Postal Service Priority Mail at the calculated rate. Within the US three or more ship via United Parcel Service with a minimum fee of US$21.00.

Note for BULK ORDERS: Submitting an order for 25 or more NL-2200s will automatically place you in our quote queue. Look for a quote in your email Inbox within 48 hours with discounts applied to each item in your cart.

NL-2200$295.00, 25/$0.00
Physical Activity Analysis Software
Lifestyle Coach v1.2

Developed for instructors, clinicians, and researchers, the P.A.A.S. Lifestyle Coach software collects and manages Lifecorder EX & Lifecorder PLUS information. A simple login system gives administrators access to group data, trends, and comparisons and maintains user privacy. It is through the Lifestyle Coach software that one can enable the Lifecorder PLUS accelerometer to display additional features on its LCD such as--total calories, activity calories, activity calories target and distance. ((Windows 2000/XP 32-bit & Windows Vista/7 32/64-bit compatible).


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