AT-80 Series Hairspring Pedometer

NEW-LIFESTYLES is now an official distributor of Activity Technologies pedometers. Considered by many to be the best of the hairspring pedometers, they're a great option for the budget-strapped who don't need NEW-LIFESTYLES NL-series or YAMAX SW-series research-quality pedometers.

The AT-series pedometers contain the same hairspring-levered internal mechanism as those sold for considerably more money by other pedometer dealers. We liked the product for what it could offer (namely, a much lower price-point), but we didn't like the high price. Therefore, we're selling it at a smaller profit to give more people a chance to experience step-counting and hopefully become more active, more often!

The AT-80 series features a stronger clip than the AT-70 series as well as a delayed reset button on the AT-82 and AT-85 to prevent accidental resets.

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